Green Common is a one-stop plant-based marketplace and product innovation platform. Its mission is to empower everyone to live healthily and sustainably by creating a revolutionary food and lifestyle platform that features the world’s most pioneering and trendsetting food tech innovations. As part of the Green Monday Group’s ecosystem, the motto is to “make change happen, make green common.”

If You Go Plant-based for a Year...

Make Change Happen

Make Green Common

Why We Start

To bring Food 2.0 and a revolutionized food mindset to Hong Kong with the mission to make it a norm to eat in a way that is good for ourselves, good for others, and good for the planet. It is a one-stop concept: from snacks to fresh produce to staple foods, tasty and diverse just as they are nutritious, ecological and fair and can satisfy the whole family.

Food 2.0 Revolution

Invented by foodtechs with computer algorithms to analyze hundreds of thousands of plant species for formulas of more delicious and sustainable sources of protein. Food 2.0 are not only plant-based (therefore a natural source of nutrients) but are now just as protein-packed as real chicken or beef except with no cholesterol, less saturated fat and made from non-GMO, organic ingredients.

Our Products

We are deeply committed to the sustainable and responsible sourcing of our products. Meatless, healthy, cruelty-free and fair-trade are our priorities. In order to support local communities, we give priority to products sourced from Hong Kong organic farms, social enterprises, SMEs and fair-trade organizations.